How to select a good painting contractor

About Painting and Finding the Best Company for your Needs:

All painters have areas that they specialize in. Some prefer new construction, some like repainting existing homes, or large commercial jobs.


c n painting on Maui craig novak pressure washing

Pressure washing before painting

Do you have a Painting Contractor License in the state of Hawaii in “Good Standing”

Do you have Liability Insurance and what are your limits?

Do you have Workmen Compensation Insurance?

What is your “Specialty?


Next, Ask the contractor about their employees:

Do your employees have company supplied Health Insurance?

How many are there?

How long have they been employed?

Who would actually perform the work on your project?

Do you do drug testing? (Very important here on Maui)


Finally, ask about references:

Will they provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous clients?

Can they show you jobs they have completed 4 and 5 years ago?


Before signing a contract, ask for “certificates of insurance”, verify references, and look at projects completed over 5 years prior to get a true idea of the quality of the product they will actually provide you with.  Remember, there is a good reason the word “Contractor” begins with “Con”.